About Us

Accumulating more than 10 years of experience, always with the same dedication and commitment to face new challenges, the group has evolved strongly in the branch of Architecture, Furniture Design and Communication Design. The MG Group designs practical and creative solutions where technology, innovation and design are basic elements and part of a philosophy assumed by a cohesive team where the human factor is the key to success. From the project to its construction, we participate in all phases of the process. We design spaces and create integrated solutions in various sectors. A daily work supported by the experience, the results obtained and the satisfaction of our clients.

The team

All employees of the MG Group, from Architects, Designers, Engineers, Commercial, Operational and Administrative Technicians, have been carefully selected, based on their technical knowledge, experience, endless energy and passion for work. For these reasons, our team realizes contemporary ideas within an evolutionary system of research, methodology and organization using the current tools and technology. Grupo MG's continued commitment to its team results in the freshness, dynamism and creativity that characterizes its work.

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